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Pastor dedrick l. Benson

Pastor Dedrick L. Benson is a native of Oakland, MS and now resides in Oxford, MS. He is a true man of God who was led at an early age to motivate and inspire generations of people. He began to minister the word of the Lord at the age of 17, and in 2011 God elevated him to pastorship. He, along with his wife, Prophetess Deona Benson, founded the University of Life Church in 2014. 


Prophetess Deona e. benson

Prophetess Deona E. Benson is a native of Memphis TN and now resides in Oxford, MS. She accepted her calling and was licensed as a minister in 2005. Prophetess Deona was ordained as Pastor, along with her husband in 2011. She Co-Pastors the University of Life Church with passion.

Mission Statement 

We believe in teaching and preaching one truth and that comes from the wisdom and knowledge of the entire Bible. We know that without the Word of God on the inside of us, we cannot effectively transform lives.


The University of life Church is a non-traditional Church that is led by the Holy Spirit. It’s our desire that every person we come in contact with will have an opportunity for Christ to enter their heart. We are called to the lost, sick and broken. We are called to push individuals into their purpose as we are walking in ours.


We are praisers that worship and worshipers that praise with no distractions. We are a saved and Holy Ghost Filled Church that operates in the fivefold ministry. It’s our desire to see people living and not just existing! Just as the caterpillar evolves into a butterfly, so shall our lives evolve into ALL of what we are created to become.


It’s our life mission to see you walk in your destiny and to live a fulfilled Godly Life. Although you may come as you are, you will not stay as you are.


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